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mar·ket /ˈmärkət/

noun: market

  1. a regular open space gathering of people where vendors convene for the purchase and sale of their provisions and goods


combining form

suffix: -fest

  1. in nouns denoting a large gathering of a specified kind. i.e 'PrideFest"

MarketFest is NYC Pride’s NEW virtual space where vendors can engage with consumers and promote their small businesses like never before.


Conceived by the volunteers who bring you PrideFest each year, as an alternative to the

in-person experience, MarketFest hosts information about LGBTQIA+ owned & operated small businesses, along with additional resources, and opportunities for direct donations to LGBTQIA+ supporting non-profits. Fundamentally functioning as a directory, MarketFest is the platform for LGBTQIA+ merchants to increase their digital brand exposure to an audience eager to support them.

Similar to PrideFest, our one-day LGBTQIA+ street fair, MarketFest serves as a safe platform for all merchants but specifically, emerging LGBTQIA+ merchants. 


Whatever your vibe, we’re sure you can find something special at MarketFest!


PrideFest is our annual LGBTQIA+ street fair that combines exhibitors, entertainers and activities for a day of fun and celebration in the name of equality. PrideFest attracts thousands of out-of-state visitors and brings them together with local residents and families, corporate sponsors, community leaders, and local business owners.



Heritage of Pride is a nonprofit organization that plans and produces New York City’s official LGBTQIA+ Pride events each year to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969 — the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movement.

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